Debt is not a Tool

Every now and then I am in the car when Dave Ramsey is on the air. Love his practical no-nonsense advice to folks who call his radio show asking for help to get out of debt.. A while back he shared "7 Characteristics of Debt-Free People" on his blog. I thought that I'd share a few nuggets from it here ...
  • Impulsive, impatient purchases are debt’s best friend.
  • People who decide to ditch debt for good realize that debt isn’t a tool.
  • People who are getting out of debt don’t care what others think.
  • You know you’re on the right track when your broke friends are making fun of you.
  • Materialism can affect any of us—rich or poor.
  • Becoming debt-free isn’t about stocking a garage full of cars.
  • At some point, people who become debt-free decide that enough is enough.
I can relate to many of these things. I have often said that I have learned to be patient, wait out purchases and buy things when they are no longer cool. I have almost always bought used cars. That said, I do think that most Americans, including me, fight materialism and the desire to buy things - and often things that they cannot afford.


  1. True!! Being debt free truly frees us up to be used in God's hands as HE desires rather than being controlled by our debts and obligations. Owe no man anythings but to love him!!!!

    1. Great thought Susan. Love is our only true debt!

  2. Sadly, nations generally discover the truth of Albert Einstein's dictum that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe—not through the happy accumulation of wealth but through the agonizing enslavement of debt

  3. I am happy to say my beloved and I ditched all the credit cards and our last credit purchase will be paid off this coming April. We drive an older, well cared for truck (paid for) and always buy used vehicles rather than new. We can get more car for less, usually around seven thousand. Important thing on a limited income!

    1. Great point Michelle! Being debt free is essential and freeing when income is fixed or limited.


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