Maybe I should be New York Bob?

Ever wonder how you sound to others? Try clicking the image on the left and take a test to determine
"What American accent do you have".

As you can see from my results on the left I have apparently not shed as much of that New York City accent that I thought that I had. Makes me remember how the folks I worked with at the church used to call me New York Bob when they didn't like something I said or did.

Let me know if you take the test and what your result was.


  1. That was fun! Mine was 80% southern and 20% midland.

  2. It says I have a Midland accent followed closely by the west.
    My cousins from Minnesota always said I had an accent. I said no, they were the one's with the accent...(:0)
    I guess the West is just a mish mash of all the others...California.

  3. Mine says I have a "Midland" accent ... er, which appears to mean I don't have one. Nor should I since I'm Canadian, lol.

  4. Mine came out 81% South. I am not surprised. I used to be accused of "sounding like a Texan" even as a child and young adult in New Mexico where I was born and raised. That was fun. Love doing these kinds of "tests".

  5. Loved reading these! In addition to my Canadian friend Gracey I also had a FB friend from Australia participate. Would love to actually hear each of your accents. ツ


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