Defensive Living

I was a bit of a bad driver when I was in the Army. Lost my post driving privileges for a while because of my speeding tickets. Fortunately, I was forced to attend a Defensive Driving course where I learned to handle myself better on the road. Here are a few things that I learned and how they might help us to live.

Minimize Distractions :: There are so many things that cause us to lose focus of what is important. Even 'good' things can keep us from the great things.

High Eyes :: Good drivers are always looking a few cars ahead of them. In like manner we should direct our attentions ahead and keep from looking back.

Blind Side Awareness :: Mirrors are not enough when we are making lane changes. In like manner we need to be aware of our blind sides as we navigate life changes.

Look Both Ways :: It is really important to know who is on the road with you. It is important to keep your (outer and inner) eyes open to the dangers that are out there.

Stay Clear of Bad Drivers :: I slow down when I see a reckless driver and try to put a lot of space between us. In like manner we should separate from reckless friends.

Don't Tailgate :: Give others space - both on the road and in life. Following too closely can get us in trouble in more ways than one. Be your own person.


  1. That's how I drive, really. In fact yesterday my husband switched lanes on the freeway and didn't signal. I said your supposed to signal. He said none of the illegals signal....good point but I said I do exactly what our DMV book taught me. What has changed....he remained quiet. I even signal when no one is around! I know a few people who could use that book and don't get me started on cell phones !!!

    1. Like that one Debby! I always try to use my signals. Wonder how that one might have a life application?Perhaps it could translate to the ways that we communicate with each other?

  2. Simply LOVED that each of these points are so fitting to LIFE and how we should live it in our walk with our Lord.!!


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