The Day After the Vote

This funny Shoebox cartoon reminds me that ...

    •  America is a great country built on diverse views,
    •  People are divided on candidates but unified on freedom,
    •  My New Years predictions are often very wrong,
    •  Our constitution is an amazing and enduring document,
    •  Republicans are splintered and need to find common ground,
    •  The hardest change is often the change in my attitude,
    •  Ohioans like my friends Julie and Brian made the difference,
    •  For now, politics will not dominate the news,
    •  Squawk Radio pundits are not all that influential,
    •  I am probably a bit too much of a political junkie,
    •  Lastly, LOL, I feel more tricked than treated but still grateful.

What are your post-election thoughts? Feel free to share.


  1. Everybody needs to start thinking about their 2016 picks now!

  2. I felt so disappointed this morning I almost canceled my appointment at the gym. However, I found upon going that I worked out harder than ever...trying to work out my frustrations, I guess.

    I'm trying to swear off the talk radio for now, but find it awfully hard. At least the phone calls have stopped. We were slammed with them here in Florida.

  3. Wish we could throw away the electoral votes. I am broken today.

  4. My New Years predictions are often very wrong

    That makes me smile:) I was really not surprised at the results. I'm not very politically minded though. I will pray for our leaders and most of all I want to live a peaceful and quiet life.

  5. I am convinced God is the real ruler of the world, whoever gets elected. But I believe we should continue to pray for our country.

  6. Thanks all for the comments. Elections like this are tough ones. Yet the promise is that God can work all things (even our election choices) together for good.

  7. It's all the more reason to pray for those in authority.


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