Seven Rules

As many of you know I once loved rules very much - many computer programmers are attracted to that vocation because of the logical rules involved. A few thoughts on these rules ...

    1) The past can be an anchor in both good and bad ways.
    2) I need to make sure that I have a thick skin.
    3) Patience and perspective can often seem to work miracles.
    4) We are all so clueless. We need to always love not judge.
    5) Thinking too much sounds like worry.
    6) They say that joy is a choice.
    7) A heart filled with joy can handle a lot of pain.

In general I found these to include some good ideas. Any thoughts on any or all of them? I'd love to hear your reactions.


  1. I am going to save these Bob. Good ones.

  2. Hi Bob,
    One of the good things about growing older for me is growing to care less and less about what other people think of me. I only wish that could have happened when I was young! LOL!

    And thank you for #7 from Whisper of the heart. I really needed that today! :)

    1. I so agree crownring! LOL, gotta love these senior revelations!


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