Shop at Military Friendly Employers

The 10th annual list of Top 100 Military Friendly Employers® was released today on, a new site that highlights companies with leading employment solutions for military. The list of 100 companies represents the top 2 percent of more than 5,000 eligible companies whose annual revenues exceeded $500 million.

I am thankful for companies that pay more than lip service to returning vets. Here are a few of the companies that made the list:
GE (#9), Sears (#14), Verizon (#15), HP (#18), Pepsi (#24), AT&T (#30), Lowes (#38), State Farm (#41), Travelers Insurance (#52), Southwest Airlines (#58), Progressive (#69), T-Mobile (#71), Walmart (#78), (#89), Home Depot (#92), Microsoft (#99), Allstate Insurance (#100)
Wonder if the list will affect the ways that people shop for Christmas? Do you think that list will cause a person to buy at Walmart instead of Target? Wonder if it will influence anyone to buy HP/Microsoft over Apple? My guess is that the list will be unread by the masses. If you would like to know which companies they are you can check the list here.

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