Spiderman Shrugged | ★

This was definitely not a great week for movie watching at our place. If you have seen the Toby Maguire flavored movies and expected more of the same you will be very disappointed with "The Amazing Spider-Man". This version is filled with wooden actors and an unimaginative too-long plot . The Ayn Rand based "Atlas Shrugged" may have been one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. The plot was bad and the acting worse. Doubtful that even Rand's most ardent followers could follow this tripe.

I hated both movies and, on a scale of ten, give each .

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  1. I resonate with this Netflix reviewer who actually read and liked the Ayn Rand book:

    "If there was a way to rate this movie lower than a 1, I'd rate it a minus 5. What a waste of time. Acting is so wooden and passionless that I thought I was watching a SNL spoof. I made myself sit thru 20 minutes, and that was torture. NO empathy for characters. NO caring what happened next. I'm just mad at myself for ordering it."

  2. And here is another review that I agree with:

    "This movie was horrible. You do expect some decent action in a Spider Man film and this had barely any. And what action scenes it did have were poorly done and shot for 3D. I wouldnt waste the 136 minutes on this film and just watch the first Spiderman instead if you want anything remotely entertaining. The villain was comical and stupid, and Andrew Garfield made for a horrible spiderman."

  3. hmnmmm I actually think that the Toby Maguire movies where too much for kids

  4. I am a huge Spiderman fan and can't picture any one else playing him than Tobey Maguire. I will see it just because.

    1. I may be wrong about it Debby. Let me know what you think after you see it.


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