Lincoln the Brit

Anyone else think that it is odd that a British actor (Daniel Day Lewis) is playing President Abraham Lincoln in the new Steven Spielberg movie? One might think it strange unless you consider all of the British actors that are playing Americans these days. This year British actor Damien Lewis won an Emmy for his portrayal of US Army Sergeant Brody Lewis. Here are a few other King's English speaking Brits and Aussies who have played Americans:

    1) Hugh Laurie magnificently spoke American as Dr House
    2) Alex O'Loughlin masks his accent as Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0
    3) Simon Baker is great in The Mentalist - one of my favorite shows

Movies are filled with the likes of King's English speaking Sean Connery, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and others who have played Americans. It may not usually be a big deal but I do wonder why a Brit was cast in the role of Lincoln. That said, I cannot think of another who might have been cast as Lincoln. Can you think of a better actor to play him?


  1. I loved his 19th century New York accent in Gangs of New York, and there was nothing better than his oscar role as an american oil prospector, daniel planinview

    1. Scott, Lewis was one of the few good things about that horrible oil movie.


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