Ad Censors

Many years ago I switched browsers (from Internet Explorer to Firefox) and became aware of extensions that enabled me to censor what I saw inside of my internet browser. These days I use the Chrome browser and use several browser extensions to control what I see or do not see on websites - it even has filters for Facebook. Some say that people should not use these tools because they hurt revenue streams for websites that we visit. I see it no differently than fast forwarding through annoying political ads on my DVR. Do you use a browser that lets you censor what you see? If not you may want to change browsers.


  1. Hey Bob, which ones do you use for Chrome?

  2. I have used several over the years Lou. I have used AdBlock and now use AdBlock Plus. Others that I have used are: avast! WebRep; Compact Density for the new Google Bar; Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker; KB SSL Enforcer; Keep My Opt-Outs; Minimalist for Google Calendar; SiteAdvisor for Chrome.

    I also have several other non-censor extensions that I use. Which ones are you using? Anything that you really like and might recommend?

    Hope all is well with you and your beautiful wife! Say hi to her for me.

  3. I love my ad blockers. I'm always so shocked when I see someone's computer that doesn't have them. Very noisy!


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