Less Religious?

The NY Times recently reported:
"Twenty percent of Americans say they have no religious affiliation. That is a major shift from five years ago, when 15 percent claimed no affiliation, or 40 years ago, when only 7 percent did. The numbers are even more stark for 18- to 22-year-olds, among whom more than one-third say they have no religious affiliation."

Do you think people are more or less religious that they were several years ago?


  1. I think less people claim any religious affiliation, but I suspect much of this is because it is not longer seen as required to have a religious affiliation to be respectable. I am not at all sure this is not in some ways a good thing. Those who do claim to be Christian are more likely to really believe it and those who do not are in a better position to consider Christianity because they do not claim they already believe it.

    1. Hard to say Mike. Seems to be a greater number of Christians these days that see traditional religious things like going to church as optional. For these I might think they would say they are spiritual but not religious.


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