We Bought a Zoo | ★★★★★★★★

I am a sucker for stories about hurting and grieving people. So it is no surprise that I loved this film that is based on the true life story of Benjamin Mee. When the movie opens we are introduced to Mee and his family six months after his wife has passed away. Everything seems to be falling apart - his son is having huge issues in school and his successful career is taking a nose dive. He is at his wits end when he decides to buy a small zoo in rural California (in reality Mee bought a zoo in England). His brother counsels him against buying the zoo but Mee senses something in this adventure that might turn things around.

I think this is a great family flick - it has something in it for everyone. I loved the interactions with the zoo animals. Mee's daughter was so cute the way that she interacted with the peacocks. Also appreciated the way that the writers resisted the temptation to make something more out of Mee's relationship with the attractive zookeeper. In every scene I seemed to get a deeper sense that this hurting family was getting healthier. I greatly enjoyed "We Bought a Zoo" and highly recommend it you. On a scale of ten, I give it ★★★★★★★★.


  1. Yes! I saw this with my husband and step-children (age 11 and 7) and we all liked it. Ordinarily, I can't stand kids' movies, but I loved this one. It's a great family film.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda Lou! As a dad of two grown children, I do think that there is a difference between kids movies and family flicks. Although some kids movies are really good!


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