Oscar Pistorius: Double Amputee Olympic Runner

Sometimes a person simply takes your breath away by simply showing up. This morning I watched Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee Olympic runner from South Africa, run in the Olympics and place second in the heat. Can you see his prosthetic "Cheetah Legs" in this photo - he is running so fast it is hard to see them.

The moment spoke to me about how, even without legs, people can do amazing things. Watching Oscar take off from the starting blocks and run that race was a great Olympic moment that I just had to share.


  1. That was simply amazing to watch. I know what it takes to be at that level with two legs. It's mind boggling to watch him.

  2. Oscar is an inspiration to amputees and non-amputees. And he is an awesome person, too. Just shows you what can be done when people believe in you, and you believe in yourself.

  3. So agree Fred and Lorenda! Thanks for responding. Happy Sunday!


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