Condoleezza Rice at Willow Creek

The former U.S. Secretary of State is currently teaching political science at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and recently spoke at the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit founded by Bill HYbels. Here are some of the highlights of her speech that people have tweeted via Willow Creek's Twitter account:
"I know what I'm called to do -
I'm called to do public service - and not just in DC."

"I love policy, I don't love politics."

"Today's headlines and history's judgement are rarely the same."

"After struggle comes relief - after Friday there comes a Sunday.
It is a privilege to struggle."

"The most important characteristic in a leader is irrepressible optimism."

"If every life is worthy, every life is also capable of greatness."

"The strong must hold up and bring the weak along -
true everywhere in the world."

"Friendship can be the place that let's you have difficult conversations."
Not sure that relief always comes after struggle - sometimes we struggle for a long long time and do not experience relief. I so love that last quote and know what it is like to have difficult conversations (even online) with friends.

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