Is Tolerance an Aspect of Love?

Interesting that the bishop does not speak to the actions of persons. Most certainly society does not tolerate the actions of law breakers. Still it seems that the actions and lifestyles of some are difficult to separate from those who we are advised to tolerate.

I wonder how this would read if we substituted love for tolerance and hate for intolerance? Not sure that it would accurate to frame the dialog that way. Thoughts?


  1. I would agree it is not always that simple. It is often difficult to know how to love people without compromising your principles. I am not sure I have found the right balance. But I know it will not always work to put them in little boxes and try to totally love the person and hate the principles they stand for at the same time. There needs to be a more complicated way between.

    1. My think is that we should probably favor love Mike.

    2. I would not argue with that, but I think we need both.


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