What I like about American Idol

I watched the finale of American Idol this week - it was sixth one I have seen. On the show a young seventeen year old Country singer named Scotty McCreery took the top honors. Lauren Alaina, a sixteen year old Country singer, took second place. As streamers fell Scotty was embraced by those he beat out for the top spot. As he sang his last song he headed for his family. Starting with his dad he embraced each member of his family. It was such a touching moment. I ask you - what is not to love about that? It was such heartwarming family entertainment.

The American Idol season mirrored the finale. Each week we saw young people rooting for each other and crying tears of sadness when one of their friends were voted off. Each week talented singers sang all sorts of songs - I particularly liked Motown week. But mainly I liked the respect that was shown for contestants by other contestants and judges. Early in the season there was one particularly tender and inspiring moment when one of the judges gently kissed a gal in the wheelchair on the head.

I think that it is so easy for older folks like me to reject American Idol. Music was so important to me when I was young and all I can remember about adult reactions to "my music" was the way that they criticized it. It reminds me a bit of how easy it is to reject my responsibility to encourage and cheer on the younger generations. Even in church older folks are known for the lambasting of newer styles of music. I think that it is time we older ones stopped acting like children. We geezers should accept and encourage those younger than we are.


  1. I'm not a big Idol fan but my wife is. I think as long as music is clean and descent... I'm for it. And that goes for church music as well.

    Just one Old Geezers opinion :-)

  2. So well said Bob...What great bunch of kids this season. I was rooting for Scotty...and Lauren. James was a "force" and his story so heartwarming. I hated to see any of them voted off.

    Like you Bob... I remember how my parents felt about our music, and it was lulaby compaired to some of todays.

  3. I feel just the same way. The commraderie between everone was so heartwarming. I really liked how Scotty stood up for his beliefs in front of Lady Gaga and her wanting to change him into something he couldn't be.
    Why does music in the church have to be such a "big" thing. I guess its the old versus the new always. Our music is very contemporary and would probably curl my Mom's hair if she heard it but we must be doing something right to have 15,000 to 18,000 people in 8 services every weekend.
    All I can say is God is at work and I'm greatful.


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