Running to be Heard

Yesterday Ron Paul announced his third presidential run. It reminded me of his interview with George Stephanopoulos a few years ago when George told him he didn't have a chance of getting the GOP nomination. Now I like Ron Paul and many of his views but, lets face it, George is right. And I do not think that the third time will be a charm for Paul or others like him.

It makes me wonder. Ron Paul is certainly a very smart person and not unaware of his chances. So why does he run? I think that he and other candidates run, or tease us about whether they will run or not, simply to have a platform for their message or for their celebrity.

Some like Ron Paul definitely have a strong message and want to influence the way that the GOP platform is crafted. Others, I think, simply want exposure and the celebrity that comes with it - many books are sold by folks like these. Now I do think that folks like this definitely have a place in the primary races. They sometimes help shape the issues, highlight problems and ask questions that need to be asked. Yet I wonder if having these folks in the race simply muddies the water and somewhat makes a mockery of our election cycle?

What do you think? Do these candidates do more good than harm to the electoral process?


  1. I lean toward beneficial. It's when they lose in the primaries and enter the race as independents that aggravates me.

  2. Sometimes my mind wonders if the Democrates put some of these dark horse "no-chancers" to run in order to take votes and electoral college votes away from a Republican candidate, to confuse the issues, and to break the ranks of the opposition.

    Then my mind wanders to the question are the democrats that smart? Or are the Republicans that stupid?

    BTW, I don't think the answer necessarily lies with the Republican Party or candidates or that they are a better party - but I will say that I can't think of one redeeming quality, attribute, benefit, characteristic, feature, aspect, element,or point of the democratic party. In no way have they ever represented my best interests. Other than Jefferson, Lincoln, or Reagan neither has the republicans.

    Where are the altruists?

  3. This makes me feel like doing a write in vote for "none of the above". 8( Sigh....

  4. I agree that some people like Ron Paul do help shape the issues. But many are just a bunch of clowns and as I see it, serve no good purpose at all getting in the race. Example: Donald "The Hair" Trump.


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