The Red Letters

Many of you know that I have been journaling each day through the words of Christ on my other blog. Thought I would take a minute and invite you to following my bloggings there. Here are a few excerpts from the things I have been writing about as I wander through the gospels:

Which of the two did the will of his father?
He chides them implying that their hearts should have been softened at the sight of 'sinners' repenting in baptism. He speaks to them, and to us, about going past lip service.

From heaven or from man?
That phrase, "From heaven or from man?", hits at the heart of this issue of authority. ... Jesus magnificently showed them, and us, what heavenly authority looks like.

You will receive - if you have faith.
Interesting how he connects faith and prayer. One might think that prayer itself is an evidence of prayer - why would some one pray if they did not have faith?

Out of the mouth of Infants
Sometimes the darkness resembles bitterness. ... When I was around twenty I rejected the hypocrisy that I saw in the church I was raised in. And in much pain I stopped praying.

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