When Telemarketers Call

I have been know to mess with a telemarketer or two.. and often I get a bit ornery with a person calling to give me investment advice.. and sometimes I simply hangup when they call. What it is it about these kinds of calls that get us so riled up? This site offers funny ways to respond when they call. Here are a few:
  • Talk really fast.
  • Make up your own language. Speak it.
  • Say, "This phone line is for emergency use only. Do you have an emergency?"
  • Order a large pepperoni pizza, some garlic bread, and a meatball sub.
  • Say nothing until he/she hangs up.
  • Ask the telemarketer for his/her home phone number. Claim that you need some time to think, and that you'll get back to them.
  • Ask him/her if he/she can smell bacon. Insist that there is a strong scent of bacon over the phone.
I particularly like the last one. - anyone who know me understands why. And I do understand that telemarketers are underpaid folks just trying to do a job. And I am not advocating this behavior all of the time. But perhaps occasionally?

How do you handle these kinds of calls? Any good stories?


  1. Why not ask them if they've ever told a lie... had a lustful thought...used God's name to curse...

  2. Here in NZ, I get telemarketing calls that are pre-recorded spiels. I find that very irritating ...

  3. I'd love to make up my own language and speak it but would most probably just keep quiet until the person hangs up. What I actually do though is to cut the person off mid-sentence and just say, "Thank you but I am not interested" and hang up. Nah, not the bacon, I wouldn't pull it off :)


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