Epitaphs of the Rich and Famous

The question of our own personal epitaph is sometimes asked. I do wonder what my children would put on my gravestone if they had that option. Maybe these epitaphs will help them?

My Jesus Mercy
Alphonse Capone

She did it the hard way.
Bette Davis

A master of comedy
His genius in the art of humor
Brought gladness
To the world he loved.

Stan Laurel
A genius of comedy
His talent brought joy and
Laughter to all the world.

Oliver Hardy

He Leadeth Me
Victor Fleming

A Gentle Man and a Gentleman
Jack Dempsey

Nothing in Moderation
We all loved him

Ernie Kovacs

A star on earth - a star in heaven
Karen Carpenter

I had A Lover's Quarrel With The World
Robert Lee Frost

Yesterday's Companionship
and Tomorrow's Reunion

Rita Hayworth

Man must endure his going hence.
C. S. Lewis

Check out other epitaphs here and let me know if you see a favorite one in the list.


  1. I have written mine years ago. I wrote:

    A husband, a Father, a friend for a time
    Now I have come to the end of the line
    Since our gracious God was merely a lender
    Would you please return him to sender

  2. Some good ones there - got to love Ben Franklin's:

    The Body of
    B. Franklin, Printer
    Like the Cover of an old Book
    Its Contents turn out
    And Stript of its Lettering & Guilding
    Lies here. Food for Worms
    For, it will as he believed
    appear once more
    In a new and more elegant Edition
    corrected and improved
    By the Author

  3. Big deal! I'm used to dust.
    Erma Bombeck's requested epitaph

    Although I think I'd like something else from her writings as mine.........

    "The shell is here, but the nut is gone."

  4. Hi Bob! Just catching up on your blog. These were good, we need humor these days.


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