Using Technology to beat a Speeding Ticket

I am planning to upgrade my phone to one with an Android operating system later this year. So this story titled Man uses GPS on Droid to refute speeding ticket really caught me attention. Here are a few clips from it:
The police accused Sahas Katta of going more than 40 mph in a 25 mph limit, according to the story, which was authored by Katta himself. Katta was a little taken aback. He said he felt sure he wasn't going quite that fast. Fortunately, his Motorola Droid cell phone enjoyed Google MyTracks, according to his account. This charming software records your GPS tracks and even lets you watch live stats--which might not be such a good idea when you're driving. 
Still, even though Katta had been meek with the traffic policeman in question, when he looked at his MyTracks afterward, he said he discovered something that was more akin to his own inner senses. The maximum speed recorded had only been 26 mph, according to the story.

He decided to fight his case in traffic court in Yolo County, Calif., and was nervous giving evidence, he said. Who wouldn't be? Traffic officers are always firm with their facts. But he presented his GPS data. He also, rather cleverly, took the advice of a lawyer and asked the traffic cop whether he had experienced radar gun training recently and when the gun was last calibrated.  
Katta said the judge didn't seem too au fait with GPS technology, but he didn't seem too impressed with the traffic cop's evidence either. 
So, in a victory for common technology, he decided the ticket should not be paid.
Kudos to Mr Katta for going to court and using technology to plead his case. Makes me want to get that Android phone and check our Google MyTracks.

Do you have an Android smartphone? What are your favorite apps?

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