Don't Call Me Four Eyes!

Can you imagine what life would be like if eyeglasses had never been invented? I have worn them for 30 years.. I even wore those huge aviator ones back in the 80s. My outdoor wedding pictures highlight the fact that I once wore photo-gray lenses.

I guess my thinking is don't call me four eyes - call me blessed.
Do you have any stories to share about wearing glasses?


  1. I wouldn't be able to drive or most visual activities unless it were a foot in front of my face.

  2. Been wearing glasses since Jr. High. Got my first pair of contacts in College. Have worn them for years on end.

    Now, I also have a pair of reading glasses in my purse, by my computer, at my desk and in the kitchen. The Dollar Store had great reading glasses for a buck...So I have them placed all over the house.

  3. That's where I bought my best reading glasses! I miss the dollar store. When I return to the States to visit this summer, I am going to stock up on reading glasses!


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