Lessons I learned on my trip to Chicago

This week Ann and traveled by car to Chicago from Kansas City - about 500 miles one way. Here are a few things that I learned.. in no particular order..
  • State governments waste money by putting the name of the "current" governor on the state signs. "Welcome to Illinois" would have been sufficient and reduced the need to change the sign when a new potentate is elected.
  • I get better Chicago style pizza in Kansas City.. actually I buy it frozen from a restaurant that markets in our area. The crust on the pizza I had in Chicago was dry and the pizza was mostly cheese. This New Yorker was not impressed.
  • Chicago is a really big city with a great downtown area. I forgot what it is like to have a vibrant city filled with people, business and shopping. My hope is that the downtown area of KC will one day be described that way.
  • Illinois is as flat as western Kansas - at least along I-55. This was a stark contrast to the rolling hills that we traveled along I-70 in Missouri. As we got closer to Chicago there seemed to be more trees but it still seemed very flat.
  • Downtown Chicago has some wild one person wheelchair lifts. The buildings are very old and many have been adapted with lifts to help people like Ann navigate anywhere from two to six steps. At Lawry's Restaurant she need two such lifts.
  • The folks who design "handicapped accessible" hotel rooms really don't have a clue. They need advice from people in wheelchairs to help them understand how little things like grab bar and closet placements should be done.
  • Chicago has great bagels.. especially at a place called e-Leaven. These tasted more like the New York ones that I grew up with. The ones in KC are from Einstein Brothers and taste good but not as good as these.
  • Illinois is a slow state. And by that I mean the speed limit is 65 MPH.. at least on I-55. I was glad to get back to Missouri where the limit is 70 on I-70. It is a small thing but significant as Kansas seeks to expand their limit to over 70.
  • And lastly, I learned that the doctors have accepted Ann into the stem cell surgery trial. The next step is to get approval from our insurance company. You can keep up with her status in this here. We are very excited.
I am glad to be back in Kansas City. We may not be the Second City (actually Los Angeles is now second) but KC is the Number One Small City.. or is that Large Town?


  1. Great fun reading that, Bob! I love Chicago too. What I thought you might mention as a gripe is the tollway system! I hate that thing and can't believe the people of IL still stand for all the stops and starts to get in and out of the city. Annoying! (And still no right turns on red lights, right? Another weird thing...)

  2. I did trade shows in Downtown Chicago at least twie a year for 9 years. I really loved going there. the city is vibrant and full of life. Never got to go beyond that but loved the restaurants and met some really great people.
    Spring time tulips on Michigan ave. was thrilling. The Miricle Mile was a photographers dream.
    So happy to hear that Ann got into the program. Will be praying for the insurance acceptance.

  3. When I worked for Witco Chemical years, and years ago, We were able to stay in the Company Penthouse downtown Chicago. (My boss pulled some strings)

    We were in Chicago and took the train to Weaton Ill. where our Church Conference was held.

    It was a great experience. Especially the wild ride in a taxi cab.

  4. I love downtown Chicago! I hope downtown KC can become as family-friendly and cultural/arts/educational experience-friendly as Chicago.

    Glad things are progressing with Ann's treatment!

  5. Never made it to Chicago (that toddling town). I also enjoyed reading about your trip. Glad you made it back safe and sound!

    Makes me wonder how many major cities have a song written about them.

  6. Thinking we may drive out to the second city for summer vacation with the kids this year... thanks for the primer!

  7. great points, especially your last one.

  8. Another thing I learned on the trip was that Illinois uses ethanol in their gas. No surprise that their gas was about 20¢ higher.

  9. what wonderful news! God is good. I will be praying that the insurance company follows suit.


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