Bacon Ice Cream

You knew that it had to happen. Here is the recipe (like I really need one) that accompanies the picture.

Pretty hard to deny that bacon and ice cream make one heckuva gastronomical dynamic duo.

Would you give it a try? I would.


  1. I think it sounds wonderful...that salty crunch mixed together with vanilla ice cream. Yummy.

  2. Yes, definitely. Sweet and salty...a perfect combination.

  3. Oops, I read the link...Not too sure about the human breast milk, but regular ice cream and baon would work for me.

  4. Bob, Bob, Bob. I couldn't do it.

    Love ice cream
    Love bacon

    Not together :)

  5. @Barbara - I am imagining that bacon goes with ice cream the same way that nuts like pistachios, almonds and pecans do. :)

  6. I would try it....not the breast milk ice cream.... but bacon on regular ice cream.

    I have an 12 year old grandson who has a passion for bacon. In fact, I had to laugh when he was over yesterday, and I ask what he wanted for a snack. His answer, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of bacon. What's a grandma to do... I fixed it for him. :)


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