Web-Streaming Funerals

Ann and I have much enjoyed attending church services via live web-streaming technology. In November we also attended a streamed NMO patient day that originated from California. So I am a huge advocate of this technology. Even so I was taken aback by a Mercury News post titled Web-streaming of funerals grows in popularity. Here is a clip from it:
Several software companies have created easy-to-use programs to help funeral homes cater to bereaved families. FuneralOne, a one-stop shop for online memorials that is based in St. Clair, Mich., has seen the number of funeral homes offering webcasts increase to 1,053 in 2010, from 126 in 2008 (it also sells digital tribute DVDs). During that same period, Event by Wire, a competitor in Half Moon Bay, watched the number of funeral homes with live-streaming services jump to 300 from 80. And last month, the Service Corporation International in Houston, which owns 2,000 funeral homes and cemeteries, said it was conducting a pilot webcasting program at 16 of its funeral homes
I have to admit that this could be a tremendous blessing for out-of-town family but I wonder how much comfort such a service would offer to bereaved family members attending the funeral. There would be no opportunity to embrace and cry with hurting family members and friends. And certainly no time to visit with them or share stories. It seems this kind of technology would turn funerals into spectator events.

So, I do not think that I would want my funeral to be streamed. How about you?


  1. No thank you. I'm wondering if funerals are streaming on the web, what if the "crazys" out there might find an easy prey of greiving widows, or widowers and take advantage.

    Since most of my adult children won't even let me blog about them, I don't think I have to worry about them putting my funeral on line. Don has already promised me if I go first, he'll let my blog friend know why I stopped blogging. Who would have even had these thoughts but a few decades ago.

  2. Pretty soon, the only reason we will have to leave the house is to attend our own funeral.

    Count me out too.

  3. Wanda and Spherical both said my sentiments too.
    I think so many people are afraid of sharing human emotion and maybe the inconvenience to themselves that the video venue would be the easy way out.
    Its not for me either. No thanks. I wants the hugs and closeness of my "family" around me.

  4. This seems to defeat the whole purpose of a funeral which is to comfort the bereaved. One might as well produce a generic funeral and podcast it after editing in the name and biographical details. Unless it is limited to recording it for the few people who cannot make it, count me out too.


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