Uncomfortable Shoes

This funny Shoebox cartoon reminds me of all the uncomfortable shoes that I have owned: in the 60s it was combat boots; the 70s platform shoes; the 80s winged tips. By the time the 90s got here I mostly wore comfortable casual shoes. Any more I mainly wear athletic shoes with comfortable inserts. Not much to get dressed up for as church is very casual.

Are you wearing uncomfortable shoes today?


  1. Haha that picture is funny!
    Well it's summer here so I'm wearing flip flops/pluggers/thongs. I realised I have a few pairs of high heels but they only make an appearance on Sunday or if I go to the theatre. The older I get the more I feel I need supportive and comfortable shoes!

  2. Today I wore a pair of Toms. They are extremely comfortable.

  3. Today I am wearing no shoes at all. I may put socks on later since its getting chilly.

    I remember all the different shoe styles I went through, some comfy some not so. Remember Wallabies?


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