Wael Ghonim made a Difference

One of the amazing parts of the revolution in Egypt was the part that 30 year old Wael Ghonim, Google’s Cairo-born head of marketing in the Middle East and North Africa, played in it. Consider this excerpt from an article in The Daily Princetonian:
Ghonim created a Facebook page in late January calling for the first day of protests on Jan. 25. He is by no means the leader of the movement, but without his actions, Mubarak might still be in power. On Feb. 7, he appeared on television after being released by Egyptian authorities, and on Feb. 8, he told the protestors, “We won’t give up.” Three days later, Mubarak did, partly because Ghonim showed up to claim freedom for his country.
This speaks to me about how one person can follow their convictions and change the world. I join Google, echoing their tweet pictured here, and saying well done Wael Ghonim.

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