Super Trivia Quiz

See if you can identify the one item of Super Bowl trivia below that is false:
  1. 80 percent of all tickets sold go to corporate sponsors of the NFL and of the SB.
  2. The Kansas City Chiefs played in the first SB.
  3. The first four Super Bowls weren't called “Super Bowl.” Instead they went by the title “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.”
  4. Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger was, at 23, the youngest quarterback to win a SB.
  5. When Super Bowl I was played, you could have bought a ticket for only six dollars.
  6. On the Monday after the big game, an average of 6 percent of workers call in sick and antacid sales increase by 20 percent.
  7. The Dallas Cowboys have won the most Super Bowls.
  8. Super Bowl Sunday is second in food consumption in the USA behind Thanksgiving.
  9. Super Bowl I was the only one ever broadcast by 2 different networks (CBS & NBC).
  10. The Buffalo Bills have played in the most consecutive Super Bowls.
Let me know which item of trivia you think false.


  1. As a life-long Redskins fan and I have to guess that #7 is false. :)

  2. Dallas is now tied with Pittsburgh for being in the most games... eight total.

    Pittsburgh holds the record for the most wins with six (IX-X, XIII-XIV, XXX, XL, XLIII).

    Dallas has five wins ( VI, XII, XXVII-XXVIII, XXX) and are tied with the San Fansisco (XVI, XIX, XXIII-XXIV, XXIX).


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