Retro iPhone

For those of you too young to remember.. this monstrosity is reminiscent of the way that your mom, dad and grandparents made phone calls. I began working for Ma Bell just about the time that push button phones were introduced.. don't think that I have ever actually owned a rotary dial phone.. but then again.. until 1984 no one owned telephones.. they were leased to you as part of your phone service . My how things have changed. Glad we no longer use these awkward devices.

Anybody remember using one of these rotary dial phones?


  1. We had a rotary dial phone when I was a kid. I even remember that the first two numbers of our exchange were letters, so instead of saying 424, we would say GA4, or Garden 4.

    When we would visit relatives in Asheville, NC, we would make calls on one of those old crank phones where you turned the crank a certain number of times for whoever you wanted to call and it would ring that many times at their house. 1 ring for my cousins up the hill, two for someone else, etc. We could listen in on other folks calls too.

  2. BOB! You never had a rotary dial? How can that be if you're older than me and we had them for years? I still remember dialing my grandparents number when I was a kid: FR4-8615.

  3. I do! It's funny to think of how life has changed in this respect. I can't even imagine someone waiting to dial an entire number the way we used to. (Yes...that's how impatient we've become. Crazy...)

  4. @co_heir - I remember our first phone number began with YU8 and we said Yukon-8

    @Barbara - My parents had one of course but I don't remember having one when I was out on my own.. I could have blocked the memory out though :)

    @Andy - Those old dialers would take more than patience these days :)

  5. Yes, I remember both renting or leasing a phone you had to turn back in and the rotary dial phones.

    I think I miss them, at least with them you didn't have to sit there and push 1 for this and push 2 for that.

    I remember the very first non rotary phone, push button I saw was when my mom got a princess phone for her night stand and it didn't have a rotary.

    I cant remember our exchange that has been too long ago.

    You should have seen the first "car-phone" I had ever seen. It was a large as an army field telephone backback, it had a full receiver like a normal telephone and a rotary dial.

  6. @Gregg - Great thought! If we had dialers we would probably get a person when we dialed tech support. But you do have to wonder what kind of technology we would have :)

  7. Our phone growing up was a black rotary phone. And your number was preceded with a prefix. I'll never for get that first phone number. MErcury 43449. Guess I just gave my age too.

  8. Ahh, the old days! Today the patience needed for "dialing" a number would be extremely difficult in our fast paced electronic age.


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