Pirate Radio | ★★★★

Sometimes another person can capture our thoughts better than we can. Here is a short Netflix review of this movie by someone known as vqn:
I wanted to like this movie, but there wasn't enough "movie" to like. It was a great ensemble cast full of well sketched characters, but there needed to be more development into these 2 dimensional DJs. Also the plot was too simplistic. You have 2 guys trying to shut down pirate radio, but really they were just a foil to show how uptight they were compared to the radio personalities. The music was fantastic and the acting was fun, but there should have been more substance beyond that. I give the movie 2 stars, music 5 stars.
This movie took forever to arrive.. Netflix had in on "long wait" ever since it was released on DVD.. hence, my expectations were fairly high. Like vqn I wanted to like this movie - it did have some good moments but overall there wasn't much to it and it came across as a bit juvenile. So, I really wouldn't recommend it.. even the music wasn't as great as vqn thought it was - I liked the tunes but did not love them. On a scale of 10 I give this movie ★★★★

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