Are You Watching the (yawn) World Cup?

The World Cup soccer games began this week and today America faces off against Britain. This cartoon by Daryl Cagle reflects my attitude about the games. Charita Goshay, a staff writer for the Canton Rep, says some stuff that a few of us might resonate in her opinion piece titled For Americans, World Cup runneth over — with apathy. Consider this excerpt:
My unofficial, thoroughly unscientific Repository Newsroom Poll uncovered the top five reasons most Americans won't watch the World Cup:
  1. The field is so large, it looks like an ant farm on TV.
  2. It’s boring.
  3. If I we wanted to see good-looking people running, kicking and crying, we’d just watch Bravo.
  4. It's boring.
  5. America never wins.
Now I have to say that, apart from my son's soccer games of the 80s and 90s, I never watch the sport. And I wonder if many Americans really get into the World Cup games or if we are as apathetic about it as Charita thinks? Will you watch America and Britain kick it out today or will you find something else to do?


  1. I am a former soccer player, and I enjoy watching the game when it's played well. So yes, I will be watching the tournament. My son and I are going to an English pub in Charlotte to watch the game today.

    I understand how folks don't like soccer. It is an acquired taste. Having played helps.

  2. Watching at an English Pub? Now that would be one way to get me interested in the games :)

  3. First, of all Bob, no one told me the world had a cup. Second of all, no one told me it was my turn to watch the cup. So if it gets lost, broken or comes up missing it is not my fault. You have to tell a guy things like this! Next timie it is my turn to watch something like a cup or a dish or a plate let me know in advance. I mean I don't mind taking my turn at these things, but geezish, watching out for something as imporant as a cup that belongs to the world is pretty important don't you think?

    By the way, what kind of cup is it? China, plastic, ceramic, glass? How long do I have to watch it? Whose turn is next?

  4. Gregg - If it is a "world" cup then it is surely "China".. certainly not Greek or Italian :)

  5. Oh Bob, I never expected you to make the mistake of referring to Britain when the USA were actually playing England! LOL! My best pal Vic, who is Scottish, will be upset; my late mum's side of the family, who are Welsh, will be upset and another pal, who is from Northern Ireland, will be upset! LOL! And, by the way, it is the football World Cup, not 'soccer'. You see, you play football with your feet not your hands! LOL!

  6. It's definitely not as big of a thing for North Americans as it is for the rest of the World. While in the ER the other night I overheard two guys who worked there talking about how tired they were because they were watching it live which required being up at 3 am for one guy to see his country play. One of my neighbors had a World Cup party.

  7. @Dave - Sorry about the Brit reference.. guess they are Englanders not Brits? I have heard it called futbol or something like that. As you can see I am very ignorant about many things.

    Of course I do know football when I see it.. and it doesn't put me to sleep :)

  8. I watched the US/England match and part of Germany/Australia. My brothers and sister are into soccer (football) big time. I watch it a little. Those guys definitely have some skills and I love watching skilled athletes. My biggest problem with the game is the lack of scoring and the fact that so many matches are lost/won on a lucky bounce 1-nil. I also hate the "offsides" rule which is the single dumbest rule I've ever seen in any sport. You actually have to wait for your opponent to get in front of you before you can receive the ball.

    I don't think soccer will ever be as big here as it is in the rest of the world. We have American football which is a WAY better sport.

  9. THis made me laugh out loud. Here in Nepal, the whole country seems to go on pause when the World Cup is on. The normal schedule of power going out a lot stops so that everyone can watch the game. Every restaurant has signs all over and even the waiters wear jerseys sporting their favorite teams. Even earlier today someone asked me if I've been watching and I said, "NO WAY! I'd rather sleep! Besides if those guys even get tapped on the arm they fall down in extreme pain like big babies!" ha ha. I got a laugh. Anyways, its funny since Nepal isn't even playing in the World Cup but they are obsessed with every game. Personally I like to walk past a group of fans and shout "Go North Korea!" just to get a rise out of them.

  10. @that-girl - Glad this made you lol! How does your island-boy react to the world cup? Not being from the US I suspect that he may be a bit more enthusiastic :)


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