Bleeding Red Ink and Black Oil

My fellow blogger, Robin Lee Hatcher, posted this picture today saying this about the Gulf oil leak and the fiscal state of our country:
"As horrible as that environmental disaster is (and it's undeniably horrible), the spilling of red ink coming out of Washington poses an ever growing threat to the life of our nation."
I agree with Robin. And as I have been uber-busy these days with the activities of moving to a new place I thought that I would simply solicit your input on both the fiscal and geological bleedings. What lessons do you think Americans should take away from them?


  1. I am not sure that using the "oil spill" analogy with regard to Washington is best for a few reasons.

    1. DC has a lot of problems/issues for sure, but part of me wonders whether American politics has changed that much over past 200 years, or whether it is more about the 24-hour coverage and commentary.

    2. A lot of good comes out of DC. When you think that more than 50% of every tax dollar goes to benefit senior citizens, I think US does a pretty good job in the "honor thy father and monther" category. (Less certain about the 25% that goes to defense/security - but I guess that's the world we live in).

    3. Mostly, though, the oil spill is going to negatively affect this planet and families for decades -- destroying the very land we were asked to manage and care for. Using this tradegy for political commentary seems a bit disrespectful to me. But what do I know.

  2. @Ed - I hear you about DC. I do think that our federal government changed almost 100 years ago when the federal income tax was enacted. I also think that the great depression after that changed the purpose of taxation. 30 or so years after that Medicare took entitlement to new levels.

    Unlike many I support entitlements but I do wonder where the red ink of the last decade will eventually take our country. We do have an advantage of sorts (maybe not) over a country like Greece in that we can print our own money.

  3. @Ed - And here's hoping that BP or somebody can stop the oil from flowing into the gulf. It is a huge crisis.

  4. So Bob - what's up with this move you wrote about. Hope this note finds you in great spirits. Peace.


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