World MS Day

Thought I would share this informative video with you to honor today - World MS Day.
Many of you know that my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2002. Last year Ann was rediagnosed with Devics Disease.. a disease that has many of the symptoms of MS. Please join with me encouraging those with MS and praying for a cure.


  1. I have a cousin with it, and someone here at the office, too. It is far more prevalent than people realize, I think, because so many people work hard to lead normal-looking lives.

    Praying for all who struggle with MS (and Devic's) today.

  2. Keeping all in my prayers. I liked it where it said, "M.S. is survivable!"
    I'm reading a book by Dr. William Backus, "The Healing Power of a Healthy Mind."
    I recommend it to anyone dealing with disease.

  3. Sounds like an opportunity for a book review on TSSO Karen :)

  4. I'm adding my prayers to the group Bob.
    I had never heard of Devic's syndrome before. Thank heavens for research and for knowing that these diseases are survivable.
    Take care and a special hug to Anne.


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