Intellectual Property

This cartoon cracked me up and reminded me of the documents I once signed as a software designer working at the phone factory. Basically these documents signed over my rights to benefit from any of the ideas that I developed during working hours.. things that Ma Bell paid me to do belonged to them and not me.. I did not complain.. they paid me the going rate and my property was not all that "intellectual" :)

When I think of this whole idea of "the man" owning what I was paid to do I sometimes ponder how many pastors and other church workers don't embrace this idea of "Intellectual Property" and often make mega-bucks from marketing their sermons and books that were done on the church's dime. Somehow they see themselves as independent contractors when it comes to this stuff.. of course they still enjoy the perks of (non-contractor) health benefits, time-off and salaries.. it is an interesting world that they live in.

What do you think? Any experiences with "Intellectual Property"?


  1. Good thought. You could also add music to that category. When the music minister has his words turned into a "mega hit," who should benefit?

    Tough choices here. On the one hand, ministers often don't make much. On the other, they chose to serve God in the capacity, know that. Hope you get some more feedback on this one.

  2. Good point Spherical.. maybe church workers should just have an agreement with their church beforehand about who benefits from books, songs, etc?


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