My 2¢ on Snail Mail

It seems that the only times I use the US Snail Mail any more is to send cards on holidays. We pay our bills online and use email to communicate with friends. Guess that is why the extra two cents doesn't bother me.

What about you? What do you use snail mail for?


  1. Good Morning Bob ~~
    You always have such interesting and deversified posts.... I don't always comment, but I love reading them all.

    I use to send cards every week to the shut ins when we lived up north, it was part of what I called my ministry ~~ but since retiring and moving here, I send cards on special occasions, and use email constantly... love it.

    And now it seems "E-Cards" are the thing to do.

    Again.... I so enjoy all your posts. And thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

    Love and Hugs

  2. Snail mail is still my friend and I hate to see the price keep crawling up. I do send a lot more emails and some banking on line so I'm part of my own problem. I was going to have a small business making notecards from my pictures but people, including myself just aren't sending notes to people like they used to. 2cents doesn't seem like much when the papers shout trillions.

  3. Same here, I mail cards and the occasional bill that is not one of my usual ones. Plus I have a zillion of those "Forever" stamps

  4. Hi, Bob!

    God bless you bunches on your birthday today!

    I used to write real letters. I don't do that very often any more. I do send cards through the mail (birthday, thinking of you, just for fun) and the bill that is so occasional I don't even bother to set it up on e-pay with my bank.

    Have lots of fun today!

  5. I correspond with several inmates, and they aren't allowed internet access. There are a few other dinosaurs out in the world who don't have email; they're the only other folks that might get a letter via snail mail from me. Outside of those instances, it's cards for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries).

  6. My Snail Mail Uses:
    corporate tax return
    passport application
    visa application
    Christmas Cards
    Christmas presents

    All I receive are magazines, bills, credit card offers, refi offers, coupons, catalogs.

    The mailman will soon disappear like the milkman.


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