Perspective on the Press

Got this photo from a recent twitter message from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here is the way that he captioned the photo:

"Thought it might be fun for you to see the press from my perspective instead of the other way around."
Many of my friends have a very polarized perspective of the press.. some slam it saying that it is a part of the main stream elite media and say that it is not to be trusted at all.. of course many of them hear this rhetoric from other members of the "press". Others say that only their favorite news channel or radio/television show has the "right" news.. I like Morning Joe.. others like O'Reilly.. some enjoy Olbermann.. to each his or her own.

I kind of think that most of these reporters and journalists are a lot like most of us - they have a hard time seperating their personal views from their jobs.. they are sometimes biased.. some are more biased than others.. get over it.. they are just people trying to make the "news" a bit entertaining.

What do you think? What is your perspective on those folks holding microphones?


  1. I agree with the bias. I think that those that run the agencies staff based on biases. It is the overwhelming bias to one side that makes things bad. It should be a news directors job to balance the natural biases of his staff.

  2. Great topic! I don't know. I think the media loves to take an issue and make a drama out of it (i.e. Swine Flu epidemic). I was impressed with the local reporting of an earthquake we had here yesterday. I guess it depends. I like Anderson Cooper, can not STAND Bill O'Reilly.

  3. here's a rambling late-day comment...

    unfortunately, i fear that most share a common bias: get noticed, be popular, increase ratings, beat the competition.

    once a story gets traction, then everyone wants to be out in front. all looking for the man-bites-dog angle. in the old days, i think an editors personal beliefs would weigh heavily on what got reported and what didn't. now, the lines between news and opinion are so blurred, who can tell anymore.

    i think most are just out there looking for the train wrecks. and if they can't find one, they'll create it. i'm not complaining. i like watching train wrecks as much as the next guy.


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