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I saw these folks on 60 Minutes this evening. They present a compelling case for universal health care. Watching all of those Americans standing in very long lines to receive health care broke my heart. This video is of a free eye and medical clinic that they did in Wise, Virginia.

The Remote Area Medical® (RAM) Volunteer Corps is a non-profit, volunteer, airborne relief corps dedicated to serving mankind by providing free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services, and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States and the world.

Founded in 1985, Remote Area Medical® is a publicly supported all-volunteer charitable organization. Volunteer doctors, nurses, pilots, veterinarians and support workers participate in expeditions (at their own expense) in some of the world's most exciting places. Medical supplies, medicines, facilities and vehicles are donated.


  1. I didn't see the program, but it certainly looks interesing. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Bob,

    I saw it and nearly cried. I am so glad 60 Minutes did the story. It is sad that a program designed to help Third World countries is so needed right here in America. That man (can't remember his name) who runs the program is a saint.

    If you haven't seen Sicko, you should rent it. I've said this elsewhere in blogdom. So, if it's a repeat forgive me. But, I wish anyone other than Michael Moore had made the film. It's over-the-top in many parts. But, the message is one everyone in America should be aware of. People in this country receive or don't receive health care on the basis of being able to afford to pay for it and on the basis of how good their insurance is.

    OK. I'll stop now. I could go on for days. But, thanks for posting on this story. I think it is a very important one.

  3. Brian, Sicko is a must see. After talking with several people from other countries I do not think we are getting the straight poop on "the greatest health care system in the world."

  4. Hello! I also saw this excerpt. It was a compelling piece. It's sad and wrong, that there are so many hard working people with no healthcare.

  5. Mike is absolutely right. Americans have been told that elsewhere, universal health care is a failure and people are sitting on long waiting lists to get treatment. It just isn't true. I had way more trouble in the US with care (fighting HMOs to cover the reconstructive surgery that qualified under the policy terms) than in Canada. I could hardly believe that giving birth to my baby was completely FREE, both financially, and hassle-free! And, it was top-of-the-line maternity care!

    Yes, Sicko is good as it documents the health care systems in Canada and Europe, but the whole Cuban health care scene is overtly staged and propagandist. (Cuba has excellent health care, and sends doctors all over the world - they have some of the best doctors in the world. But, what they showed as 'spontaneous' was obviously planned and staged). However, I still recommend the movie.


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