A friend told me about this a few weeks back and it seems to help when I am starting to feel a bit under the weather.

Anyone else tried it?


  1. I have used it several times. Whenever I feel a cold coming on I take and it prevents it from getting any worse. But you have to take it right away, not the day after you start to feel sick. It doesn't do much good then.

    It tastes really gross, just to give you a heads up.

  2. I remember hearing about a class-action lawsuit against Airborne recently regarding false advertising, but I don't know the details.

  3. Airborne did just settle a false advertising suit.

    Remember, colds run their course and go away anyway. Airborne has not ben proven to speed that process.

    I fell for the zinc thing myself a few years ago. People who have reported Airborne made them feel better are probably reporting a placebo effect or their cold just ran its course.

    There's no proof it doesn't work. But, there's no proof it does either.

  4. I have to disrespectfully disagree with Brian. I know what a cold feels like. I take airborne when I first start to feel congestion or a sore throat. It never gets worse after that. No sneezing, cough or runny nose. There were two times I took it where it didn't work - more than 36 hours after I felt sick and the cold just ran it's course after three days.

  5. Sorry, I meant "respectfully" disagree.

  6. Hey Stephanie,

    I'm not trying to say Airborne doesn't work. Just that it hasn't been scientifically proven. I would have sworn by zinc. I took lozenges a few years ago and believed they helped me ward off colds, kept them from getting more severe and helped them run their course quicker. That is until the research came out.

    There is possibly a placebo effect with Airborne and there is a possibility it works. But, if they had proof it worked, I don't think they would have settled the lawsuit.

    It doesn't seem to do any harm and I've heard several people swear by it. So, hey... I'm not knocking it. But, I wouldn't buy it.



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