Barely Yankee

According to this quiz I am:

46% Yankee. Barely into the Yankee category.

Guess this one time New Yorker (that had a Mississippi father) has been in Kansas too long Toto.. of course four and a half years in Texas didn't help :)

What about you? Are you a Yankee?


  1. The South's still gotta hold on me! I am 71% Dixie. That's a good quiz, KB. I laugh everytime I hear one of the locals call a water fountain a "Bubbler" - or more accurately, a "Bubbla". :)

  2. I'm 58% Dixie, barely in the Dixie category.


  3. I interviewed my wife this morning and she is:

    "60% Dixie. Barely into the Dixie category."

    ..well she was raised on a farm in NW Missouri

    ..but her relatives fought with the North :)


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