Freedom from the Press

3/10 Update: An Australian women's magazine apologized on Monday for breaking a global media blackout on Prince Harry's deployment in Afghanistan, forcing the third in line to the British throne to be withdrawn from frontline duty.

Britain's Prince Harry in Southern Afghanistan.

2/29: This news saddened me. Here is an excerpt:

LONDON — The defense ministry announced on Friday that Prince Harry, the third in line to the British throne, would have to come home from Afghanistan because it was too risky for him to stay there.

Harry, 23, has been in Helmand Province with the British Army since December with the knowledge of most of the Britsh new media, who agreed to keep the news secret for security reasons. Details of his deployment only became widely known when they were reported by The Drudge Report on Thursday and the British media decided that the agreement was off.

I guess the story behind this story is that the Fourth Estate is irresponsible and will do anything to scoop the news.. shame on you Matt Drudge.. you should know better!

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