Political Vitriol

Vitriol is defined as a bitterly abusive feeling or expression. I think that, when it comes to politics, I have often entered the world of vitriol. Here is my response to Pomoxian's post entitled Should Congress Impeach George W. Bush?:
In hindsight I have to say that my views about President Clinton were wrong ... I think that I probably supported impeachment but really can't remember ... either way I was wrong to support the vitriol against him as I did.

I am also guilty of a similar vitriol against President Bush. I have a son who has been in Iraq and is going back in January. I really don't like the president's policy on Iraq and the Iraq War and have let really let that issue polarize me against him.

The facts of the matter are that the president is very unpopular because of his policy on Iraq. I am hoping that the newly elected Democratic majority will work with the president to change that policy and be a creative force in bringing the troops home. It is only a hope based on an idea that we can get past the politics and work together.

I am glad that impeachment is off the table ... it was a major distraction caused by the Republican majority in congress in the 90s ... I am hoping for better things from the Democrats. Time will tell.
Not sure that vitriol is the correct word but I'd like to describe myself in different terms in the future :)

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