Click | ★★★★★★★

My wife and I watched the DVD version of Click last night. Like many of his previous movies, Adam Sandler has hit another home run. I found this storyline to be something like "It's a Wonderful Life" in that the main character gets a glimpse of how his life could be if he stays the course and doesn't change. Sandler seems to be good at bringing 'movies with a message' to us. Many of his films are heartwarming, funny and culturally insightful.

On a scale of 10 I give this movie ★★★★★★★


  1. Thanks for the review -- our ability to go to the theater is somewhat limited with a three-year-old and one on the way, but Netflix has proven to be wonderful. This film will definitely make it onto the list!

    And I like the new site!

    - Matt

  2. Just watched the end of this tonight. Probably an underrated movie. It had me in tears. LTF


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