Pit Bulls

KC pit bull law to be enforced starting Friday
Mandatory spaying or neutering will be required for most of the animals. Some fear dumping of the breed.

The Kansas City Star

Kansas City’s answer to the perceived problem of attacks by pit bulls will get its first real test starting Friday.

That’s when the city’s animal control department, with newly hired enforcement muscle, will begin the search for pit bulls that have not undergone mandatory spay or neutering procedures.

After that date, most pit bull owners who have not acquired a special license face a ticket, a fine and potential confiscation of their dogs if their animals haven’t been fixed, as the new law requires.

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Anyone have any experience with, or opinions about, pit bulls?

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  1. My son worked for a vet, and the sweetest dogs were the pit bulls. We saw one at the pound while doing his Eagle project...sweet, sweet thing. Then, last week, one of our doggie park friends finally showed up after a month. Her lab was attacked at the park by 2 pit bulls that the guy JUST got from a rescue. Really hurt her lab, but he's doing better. Luckily there were enough people to intercede. I don't know the answer to this question. I think the problem lies with the owners...if owners aren't responsible, don't spay, and don't make sure their dogs are socialized from puppyhood, then when they are breeds like pits, rotties, akitas...then it can be a recipe for diaster.


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