007 - forty years later

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I am a longtime Bondaholic. I read all of Ian Fleming's 007 books when I was in high school and have been mesmerized by the double-naught spy ever since. So it was no surprise that Ann and I got out to see the new Casino Royale the first week it was out (in KC anyway). I suppose that Daniel Craig, like all actors who have donned the Bond, James Bond role, will be compared to all of the previous 007s ... of course many Bondites stopped looking after Connery ... my favorite Bond was Pierce Brosnan and favorite 007 movie was Tomorrow Never Dies - topic for another dicussion.

Generally speaking I liked Casino Royale and for the first time ever my wife liked a 007 flick better than I did. A few bits: Judi Dench played an aging "M"; John Cleese did not play "Q" because this character did not appear in the movie; Miss Moneypenny also did not make an appearance. The film formula was different. Craig played the role as a more pouty-faced beefcaked action hero than all of his predecessors combined ... but I thought that he pulled it off. The film had a lot of action, some suspense and a twist of an ending. I give it 7 (of 10) KB stars and 6 (of 007) bullets.


  1. My wife and I went and saw it Thanksgiving night -- we both really enjoyed it. I put it now as my second favorite behind Diamonds Are Forever (and only slightly ahead of Goldfinger).

    - Matt

  2. Bob, I've always been a Pierce Brosnan fan too. He's quintessential Bond and so good-looking. Definitely my type. And Tomorrow Never Dies is my favorite of his too!

    So I was surprised to like Daniel Craig. But I really did! High five to your wife.

  3. P.S. Love this new look. Is this the same blog? And oh, I see it is a beta blogger. I still don't have that option. Grrr. I want it!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the kudos. You can read about my blog addition here.



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