Please pray for my friend Mike

One of the joys of blogging is the virtual relationships I have made over the years. One such friendship is with Mike Erich - the Mad Theologian. I have had so many wonderful conversations with Mike over the years about the bible and our shared faith. Today Mike posted this on the Daily Prayer blog.
Last Thursday I went in for surgery for my pancreatic cancer. I believed and prayed right up to last minute that surgery might be possible and that this could be God's way of healing me. But I found out that the cancer had spread and it would do no good to operate. What that leaves me with is either God is going to do a miracle (I believe in miracles, but I believe God does them according to His will. I have no reason to be convinced He will do so in my case), or it is my time to go home. I appreciate all past prayers and all continued prayers, and I am trusting God for His will in this situation.
Mike posted a prayer at Daily Prayer that you can pray with him. Please pray for my friend Mike.


  1. I had a great friend, who love the Lord, shared Him with many, many people, raised a wonderful Christian family, led lots of SS classes in his church that went home to be with Him about 3 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and almost 2 months to the day, went home. They tried a lot of different treatments, but he just got sicker and sicker. I hope your friend, Mike, has a better outcome. It is good he has the assurance of His salvation. Prayers going his way.


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