How To Avoid Getting Picked for a Jury

Last night Ann and I watched Bull, a new TV series about an expert in picking and evaluating jurors.
Interestingly enough, my friend Barbara wrote this on Facebook today.
I had jury duty today and right off the bat was sent to a courtroom. I was there most of the day and as they chose the ultimate 12 jurors and 2 alternate jurors I definitely saw a pattern. Both attorneys asked a lot of questions and the people who were very opinionated and refused to answer yes or no were the ones who were dismissed.

For example, the case involved a guy getting a DUI while on Norcos and Xanax and one of the questions was it possible to identify if a person was under the influence, most people were able to say "yes" one said "no" and several wouldn't commit to either (possibly, maybe, it depends) those people were dismissed. People who kept asking a ton of questions got dismissed too. And then there were the obvious ones who just came out and said they didn't trust cops. Very interesting experience.
Been 40 years since I was on a jury. Have you been called for jury duty lately? What was your experience?


  1. I have served once on a jury. When I saw your title I was thinking that I remember getting a notice and here I am thinking I didn't go! That can't be but I normally get one every year. My experience was okay except for the questioning, you feel like your on trial.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Debby. It is interesting how lawyers can make us feel like criminals. Maybe it is just the nature of their jobs?


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