Coffee Day Q&A

Today is National Coffee Day. Supposedly sponsored by Juan Valdez. ツ
To honor the Day I offer you a few caffeine flavored questions and answers.
  1. Favorite Brand? Nespresso by the cup and Starbucks by the bag.
  2. Favorite Blend? Nespresso Intenso by the cup and most Starbucks dark blends.
  3. Cups per day? I usually have one cup coffee in the morning and occasionally a decaf latte in the afternoon.
  4. Cream or Sugar? I do like sugar but can live without it - not!
  5. Favorite Specialty Coffee? Foamy decaf latte in the afternoon.
  6. Favorite Cafe? I like Starbucks but enjoy the Opera House down the street from my place.
  7. Alone or with Company? I enjoy sharing a cup of coffee with my fabulous wife Ann!
I did this in (2011) and (2014). My answers have changed a bit since we bought a Nespresso Italian coffee maker.

Please chime in, answer a few of the questions and share a bit about your caffeine addiction.


  1. I am not a big coffee drinker or tea for that matter. We do have a single serve Keurig in the house. Worked out great when it was just my husband using it on the weekend. Still works but since both kids are back home it gets a lot of use beside the fact that each cup costs more than making a pot of coffee. My husband buys the coffee for it.

    1. Guess I grew up on coffee Debby. Really started young. I remember when it only cost a nickel at Sambo's restaurant in 1971. My first wife and I loved to sit and drink it and talk for hours.


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