Happy 100 Mom !!

My mom was born in May 1916. She passed away in 2010. She was a strong woman. She taught me to be strong. To celebrate Mother's Day I thought that I would share a few excerpts from the eulogy that I shared 6 years ago.

High School Graduation with Mom
Growing up I got to spend a lot of time with Mom’s mom. There were a lot of similarities between Grandma and Mom. They were both feisty New Yorkers. Both had a great heart and deep seated love for their family. Like Grandma, Mom was a very independent woman. She was a strong woman. She ran the house. Paid the bills. And rode herd over four New York kids and made sure that we were in church at All Saints Episcopal every Sunday.
I already miss my Mom. I want to end my talk by sharing a few thoughts with you about her. When I think about my Mom I will always think of a New York woman. It was hard to keep up with Mom. She could out-walk anybody on the sidewalks of the city. St times when I was growing up she seemed so fearless.

When I think of her, I will also think of an imperfect woman. Mom made mistakes but she was not a person who let herself wallow in those mistakes. She knew how to forgive herself and move on. It took me a while to understand that about her. As I get older I am understanding it more and more.

But most of all I will remember Mom as the woman who was instrumental in making me who I am today. My Mom showed me how to be tough in adversity – God knows I have needed that lesson. She taught me to believe in others and believe in myself. She always accepted me and loved me for who I was. Mom was proud of me whether I was in school, in the Army or working at AT&T. When I was around her I felt encouraged. You know, it was years after I left home that I realized that I had limitations. I knew no limits with Mom. Her love for me inspires me still.


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