Joseph Vincent Camerlengo, 1948-1969

I grew up with Joe. We lived on the same street on Staten Island, NY. We both graduated high school in 1966.
We both served in the US Army. I was stationed in the New Mexico desert when Joe died serving in Vietnam on
October 20, 1969. Here are a few remembrances of him by the people he knew.
Today I remembered it was your birthday. So I googled you and saw pictures of your son. He has your dimples. I visit you when I go to my parents grave. I still can't believe how unfair life can be. Taken so young. Just wanted you to know as I am living my life I often wonder what you would be doing at 65 years old. I know you would be very proud of Joey Jr. -Your Friend and best man Nicky

I saw your name on the traveling wall and cried like I did when I heard you had died. I still have a picture of you and me taken in 1965 on Staten Island,New York.You are always in my prayers. Miss you. -Not Forgotten

You spoke to us this year with a letter carried by your son. Joe, you must be so proud. Your son is a wonderful young man. Through him your words and memories are with us. Thank you Joe. You are forever in our hearts and thoughts. -Rock

Joe You died so young. I have and will always remember you. Even as bad as it was we were tight. Man you were something. I often wonder about your "little girl" hell she must be 30 now. Joe, not in a hurry to hook up again but one day we shall. -RM

Joey I remember the day the 'army Vehicle' pulled up in front of your mother's house me and my brother Jimmy were standing across the street at Eddies Gulf station and we heard your mother scream after they broke the news of your death, we were devastated, you were a great friend. You are always remembered and prayed for. -Boyhood Friend
Hard to believe that it has been so long. I remember being at his house when I was young. We were not close friends but I remember how sad I felt when I learned that he had died.

On this weekend of remembrance I remember Joe.


  1. Wonderful memorial! Great post, Bob. Thanks.

  2. Though we never met, we have a couple of things in common, born the same year, and serving during the same time. Your grave is next to my in-law's grave, so when I'm there I straighten up a little and say a prayer. REST IN PEACE Brother. πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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