KC BBQ :: all about the meat not the sauce

Advice to all food and travel writers and bloggers writing about Kansas City barbecue:
  1. Don't use the words 'slather', "sweet', or 'sticky'.
  2. If you are contemplating using the words 'slather', "sweet', or 'sticky' it's probably because you're composing a sentence describing how Kansas City barbecue is 'all about the sauce'. This is incorrect. Kansas City barbecue is not 'all about the sauce'. Kansas City barbecue is all about the meat. You probably got the idea that it's 'all about the sauce' from reading what other food and travel writers have said about Kansas City barbecue and not what Kansas Citians themselves say about it. Before writing about Kansas City barbecue, come to Kansas City and talk to the people who make it, and the people who eat it. They will tell you, it's not 'all about the sauce.' Therefore, there is no reason to use the words 'slather', "sweet', or 'sticky'.
  3. Don't use the phrase 'it's all about the sauce.'
  4. Especially don't use the word 'slather'. 'Slather' is the worst.
Love this. Saw it posted on Facebook by Joe's Kansas City, a great BBQ restaurant.

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  1. Interesting.....I'm not much into BBQ so I think I might be safe in not saying those words!


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