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September eliminations are below. Sorry to see Rick Perry go. My favorite (today anyways) is John Kasich. He seems to meet a lot of my ICE IT criteria but he does need to work on inspiration a bit. Who are you liking so far? What part of ICE IT (Inspiration, Character, Experience, Ideology or Temperament) do you think they are most strong in.

The list of GOP candidates seems to be complete. Suspect I will be eliminating about one candidate each month.
  1. Jeb Bush
  2. Ben Carson
  3. Chris Christie
  4. Ted Cruz
  5. Carly Fiorina
  6. Lindsey Graham
  7. Mike Huckabee
  8. Bobby Jindal
  9. John Kasich
  10. Marco Rubio
  11. George Pataki
  12. Rand Paul
  13. Rick Perry
  14. Rick Santorum
  15. Donald Trump
  16. Scott Walker
Of course I may be wrong. I you disagree with an elimination please tell me why I should keep them on the list.



  2. Go, Donald! He's the only one talking about the issues! The rest are talking about him!

    1. I like that he is bringing issues like immigration and veterans affairs to the forefront Linda. I just have not heard him talk about his plans in any detail. On top of that I do not see him as a candidate that will have a healing affect on our country.

  3. Good start. Dangerous man with a huge ego and a big mouth.

    1. Thanks vanilla. I should have another eliminations after the first debate/forum.

  4. He won't win....but he's sure stirring the pot.... we need a few pot stirrers to wake some people up on the real issues we face with the present administration.

    1. I may be wrong Wanda but Trump seems to represent a very real issue himself. That being corporate moguls who negatively influence our government through their powerful lobbyists. That said, I do agree that he is stirring it up. Much like a child throwing a temper tantrum in a restaurant he is getting a lot of attention for all of the wrong reasons. ツ

  5. First off, what is your next elimination now, post debate?

    OK, my take....and I read a lot of politics from many different sources representing the whole gamut of opinion...

    My first, only in terms of electability, would be Lindsey Graham. If I had to describe him on one word it would be "unmemorable." He may be a sitting senator but he doesn't exactly grab one's attention. He also reminds me (and probably most of the electorate) as very old school. His accent def doesn't help those outside the party think of GOP as anything but good old white boys.

    Next would be Santorum. Nice guy but way to radical, or should I say uncompromising, and out of touch with the electorate to ever win so he would be off my list too.

    I should add that I am only listing those I would strike off the list in terms of being unelectable.

    After that? Most likely Perry. Sounds too much like GW.

    4th off list would be Huckabee. the American populace will never vote for a former baptist pastor! Just not gonna happen in this day of wanting change and something new...thus why Trump and Sanders are doing so surprisingly well.

    My personal favourite? Rubio. Fantastic personal story. Also has dared to address immigration practically. Being a Cuban helps (shouldn't matter but in this age it does). I also like Fiorina in that she reminds me of Thatcher--not afraid to tackle head on anything but there are too many people out there who hate her. I think these two on the ticket woudl have the best chance for a GOP win.

    My prediction, however? It will come down to Trump, Rubio, and Cruz. (Walker is also too forgettable jsu tin looks alone--again shouldn;t matter but it does.)

    If Trump wins, while he at least is talking about illegal immigration, his loose lips will sink the GOP ship! He strokes me at far too belicose for a real Prez. Obama, for all his lack of xp, at least seemed measured in his responses when a candidate. Like McCain, Trump has that certain "mean guy" streak about him, let alone endless derogatory comments.

    Oh, i forgot to mention Carson. Smart guy but again, totally forgettable and....boring! he has no spark in that he seems too laid back.

    The electorate will choose someone who is history making and totally memorable, whether that is Trump, Hillary, Sanders, Warren, or Carly.

    Jindall will never win it either--like Graham, comes across as too much a Southerner, ironically enough! too bad really, but there you go.


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